Catching the racing bug at the young age of only five, Joshua Hunt has forged his way as an established and successful race car driver while continuing to go from strength to strength in his career in a relentless pursuit for speed. Imagine only being sixteen and waving goodbye to your friends, family and pretty much everything else you knew to go overseas to pursue your passion. This was the decision Josh Hunt made at the age of sixteen to compete in a go-kart team in Europe. Shortly after displaying his strong abilities by competing at the highest levels in the world of go-karting in Italy he placed himself in an enviable position among his peers and cemented his career in race car driving which led to him to securing a spot in the American based USF2000 series. From here doors continued to open for Josh with him competing in the 2004 Toyota Atlantic Championship through the support of ChampCar ownership who proceeded to support Josh through his USA open wheeler career. Becoming a renowned Australian race car driver for Josh is not something that happened over night; after mastering go-kart racing on an international stage and progressing to actual motor vehicle race as a race car driver led Josh with opportunities to now operate more sophisticated vehicles as a result of his track record of proven skill and talent in race car driving.  Josh’s need for speed is matched with his need for career progression which he has had no difficulty maintaining momentum. After recently achieving himself a well earned third place in the Asian Le Mans Series and setting up a young drivers development program, Josh as an Aussie racing car driver is a force to be reckoned with as he continues to forge his strong path in the race car space. By continuing to move on to greater achievements and now behind the wheel of a high spec Porsche race car, Josh has successfully competed in Australian GT3, Carrera Cup, Formula 3, Mini Challenge, Aussie Racing Cars, Sports Racer, Radical Cup, and V8 Utes Series where he has continued to dominate the race car scene as an Australian race car driver. His driving talent and determination for success continue to be recognised throughout all areas in the race car scene.

Motorsport Visionary

Over the many years and various wins Josh has been fortunate to  attain throughout his career to date, he is now able to use all the knowledge to focus on growing his passion across his home country, being the growth of the Australian Sports Car scene with Volante Rosso Motorsport. As part of the Volante Rosso Motorsport team, Josh and Chris Papadopoulos have a history of success together and a shared philosophy that has bolstered both their success. The pair share and continue to attain great results both domestically and internationally through their abilities to demonstrate their break-neck pace and setting a record breaking pole position time that that other drivers are still yet to match to date. From the humble beginnings of a young five year old who caught the race car bug to a now established and successful race car driver who is highly respected by his racing peers, you can be sure there are more big things to come from Josh Hunt as he continues to growth the Australian Sports Car scene and create more Australian race car drivers that will represent the country for many years to come.  And don’t think that Josh’s work and legacy has stopped here, as it has only begun and there are amazing things to come as his career continues to unfold.

Traits of Successful Race Car Drivers

Race car drivers boast sets of unique qualities that give them their win at all costs mentality. Having gifted skills behind the wheel of a vehicle is only one aspect of being a successful race car driver. After, it takes a special mind to be able to  fly around a track reaching speeds in excess of two hundred kilometres per hour while under immense pressure while also being able to perform and drive a result for you, your team and sponsors. Doesn’t sound so easy now does it? If you speak to any successful race car driver, you will instantly find that first of all, the topic will all of a sudden become about race car driving and son after, you will find an overflow of passion about the sport being exerted. Being passionate is a trait all race car drivers will display as this is a mindset required for the driver to give themselves any chance of standing on the podium and taking home the glorious win. For race car drivers to tackle a challenge head on, they have to be fearless. Being fearless gives race car drivers the edge they need when competing on  track they may have never tackled before and allows them to take on new challenges in the racing world that might be presented to them. A successful race car driver will exert confidence in themselves and in their abilities. If a race car driver does not believe in their own abilities, they may struggle to ever step foot onto the podium. Confidence allows a race car driver to adapt rapidly to changing conditions on the racetrack, and concentrate more effectively.  The combination of passion, fearlessness and confidence can make for a well rounded race car driver that can tackle an array of situations that they’re likely to face both on and off the track throughout their racing career. Race car drivers that you see standing on the podium shaking up the champagne and celebrating the glorious win are the ones who have backed themselves and their abilities through these traits.