So many little boys and girls and young people dream of forging a career in the racing industry. It certainly is an exciting sport. The excitement of race day, the noise and smells on the side of the track, the rush of adrenalin as the race takes off. With a need for speed, racing is a dream of many but something that few ever get to achieve. Yet for Josh Hunt this childhood dream to become an Australian Race Car Driver became a reality. As a young boy Josh loved watching car races like the Grand Prix, then at the tender age of use eleven, took his first steps towards becoming a driver. It was clearly something he had a natural skill and aptitude for, with lightning fast reflex and the ability to read a track and other competitors very well. At the age of just sixteen Josh had the skills and capabilities of much older drivers and was invited to go to Europe to participate in go-karting competitions. Impressive results in Italian competitions, which drew competitors from around the world, meant that Josh was invited to race in the American Based USF2000 series. This opportunity really launched Josh’s career in the racing industry as he began racing in motor vehicles. He is continually recognised as one of the most promising drivers to ever come from Australia. He has competed in Australian GT3, Carrera Cup, Formula 3, Mini Challenge, Aussie Racing Cars, Sports Racer, Radical Cup, and V8 Utes Series. Josh is a highly skilled and competitive driver, his timing is impeccable and he has an absolute commitment to achieving in his chosen sport. As his racing experience increased, as he clocked up more placements and victories, his dream of being a world class racer has become a reality. Josh truly has forged a career as a top Australian Race Car Driver.

Josh Hunt’s Vision

Josh’s success isn’t only about his racing competencies. Of course his natural aptitude behind the wheel has helped him to succeed, but there is also much about Josh’s personality and personal integrity that have helped him to do well and achieve so much in the racing business. Josh’s ethos of hard work and responsibility has served him well in this competitive industry. And he hasn’t done it on his own. Josh is an Australian Race Car Driver who is part of the Volante Rosso Motorsport team, a perfect partnership and home base for Josh. Working with Chris Papadopoulos has seen both partners excel. This combination is beneficial because both Chris and Josh have a commitment to quality and ensuring that cutting edge technologies are used to make races as thrilling as possible. The professional bond between Josh and the team from Volante Rosso Motorsport is apparent to everyone who sees Josh on race day. His team know his style and preferences, and work to enable the victories that Josh continues to rack up. Josh is quick to acknowledge his support team and the ways in which they enable him to do what he does best, and achieve all he does as an Australian Race Car Driver. It really is a team effort for Josh and the Volante Rosso Motorsport team.

The Characteristics of Successful Racing Car Drivers

When children start to develop a love of racing, they view their racing idols with a sense of wonder. Australian Race Car Drivers seem so brave and fearless and never seem to lose their sense of calm. Cool and collected, race car drivers really need to be able to stay in control when under pressure. Although backed by a quality support team, racing is in many ways a solitary sport and drivers must be able to rely on their decision-making capabilities and reflexes to take harness opportunities as they arise on the track. We all know that there are risks inherent for race car drivers. They need to be able to assess what is happening around them while focusing on their own actions. Quick reflexes, good peripheral vision, and an ability to think ahead and predict what might happen next are all necessities. Confidence in their ability to perform and to trust their judgment is important for Australian Race Car Drivers. Maintaining that childlike passion for the sport, along with a determination to succeed are also important characteristics race drivers should have.