Josh Hunt, the Australian race car driver born in the Gold Coast, has made a real name for himself. Taking on and competing at the highest level in Italy, he has made his mark in America and South East Asia and is now based in Perth and looking to cement his name in the rising Australian Sports Car Scene history. Being involved with motorsport since he was eleven years old, it is no surprise that he has been able to achieve success in competition through his tremendous commitment to the sport. At the young age of sixteen, he set out to conquer Europe and join a factory go-kart team to fulfil his race car driving dreams. Racing all around the globe and racing in a range of categories in Australia, he is now part of the Volante Rosso Motorsport team since 2018. It is the career and impact of race car drivers like Josh Hunt show that it has never been a more exciting time to be part of the Australian race car scene. Still taking himself and the team out and about, over to places in Asia and the rest of Australia, he has been doing it all from driving, coaching and now a team owner. Bringing his range of knowledge and experience of different motor scenes across the world, especially from his experience in the USA, the world of Australian Race Car Driving is able to benefit from having this skilled driver in the scene.

Coming Up in Motorsport

Being raised in the motorsport industry gives you a perspective and insight is a unique advantage for any race car driver, so being able to make the transition to racing car driver to team owner is an exciting career development. From sweeping the factory floors away from home from such a young age and competing at a range of different levels, Josh Hunt has been able to establish himself as a driver and gain experience of all parts of the industry. Coming back to Australia, Josh Hunt has been able to bring all these insights and experiences from his career to not just his skills behind the wheel but to also becoming a team owner at Volante Russo Motorsport. It has been Josh Hunt’s mental toughness and determination that has helped motivate him to work hard and continually seek out new challenges in the world of motorsport. Being exposed to different scenes, locations and cars has led to Josh Hunt being able to adapt to so many different scenarios, something that has been able to help him earn a living from the sport he loves so much. Moving from a focus on just driving to the business side of the sport, Josh Hunt has been able to learn from valuable experiences and put himself out there to really build himself and his team at Volante Russo Motorsport. Upfront, honest, authentic, determined and humble- Josh Hunt is a name that will be solidified in Australian racing car and motorsport history.