As a business owner, it’s increasingly important to get your brand known. This is especially true if you’re still building a solid customer base.

Sponsoring an Aussie racing driver could be just what you need to level up your business. Racecar sponsorship raises brand awareness, gives you content and creates emotional connections.

So, if that’s what your business needs, keep reading to learn more about what sponsorship can do for you.

1. Raises brand awareness

A key part of running a business is raising brand awareness. Sponsoring an Australian race car driver gives you three awareness benefits. They are, extended reach, targeted advertising and keeping your business in customers’ minds.

Naturally, the more people that know your brand the better. More awareness equals more customers. By putting your brand in front of almost 10 million viewers, you’re setting your business up for growth.

Now, having people see your brand is all well and good. But, it needs to be specific people. If you have a business relevant to racing, it would be in your best interest to target the exact people who watch it. This beats traditional advertising like tv and billboards.

Sponsoring an Australian race car driver is also a subtle way to advertise your brand. By sponsoring a race car you are putting your brand at the front of peoples minds. To add to that, people are more receptive since the ad doesn’t disrupt their viewing.

2. Gives you content for your products and services

These days, every business needs to create content otherwise they risk falling behind. Sponsoring an Australian race car driver gives you extra content to work with. So, you can increase your reach, create ongoing campaigns and subtly sell your products and services.

Online marketing has placed a high value on content. So, you will experience slow growth if your business doesn’t have good content. And, by giving your business extra content, you can multiply your reach.

Now, sponsoring an Australian race car driver doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. You have the ability to forge a long-term relationship. So, this will help you build ongoing campaigns. These types of campaigns are great for building trust and your content can be an ongoing story.

And, by focusing your content on an Aussie racing driver you can subtly sell your products. Customers are much more receptive when you aren’t directly selling to them.

3. Create an emotional commitment to your brand

According to the Harvard Business Review, 90% of buying decisions are made without thought. Plus, emotionally invested customers are 52% more valuable than ‘highly satisfied’ customers. So, by tying your brand to a sport with an emotional fan base, these emotions can transfer to your business.

To add to that, picking a respected driver increases social influence. Customers are receptive to those they trust or want to emulate. So, by sponsoring an Australian race car driver, you’re building an emotional relationship with your customers.

There are many benefits to sponsoring an Australian race car driver that isn’t listed above. But, these are some of the most important ones. Before you stop reading. Consider what more awareness, quality content and emotional commitment can do for your business.

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